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Trinity Times wins six awards from the Catholic Media Association

Trinity Times student journalists Corey Best and Janet Platt edit videos in the university’s multimedia newsroom July 17, 2023. The two student journalists were part of a team who won a first-place award from the Catholic Media Association for Best Multimedia Package. (Trinity Times photo/Nina Payne)

By Trinity Times Staff

Trinity Washington University’s student news organization Trinity Times earned six 2024 St. Juan Diego Collegiate Awards from the Catholic Media Association, announced at the Catholic Media Conference in Atlanta June 21, 2024.

The awards honoring excellence in student and alumni media for Catholic colleges throughout North America were presented to submissions published in 2023, the year Trinity Times was relaunched.

Trinity Times took three first-place, two second-place, and one third-place awards, competing against student publications from The Catholic University of America in Washington; St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire; Xavier University in Cincinnati; Neumann University in Aston, Pennsylvania; Marian University in Indianapolis; Barry University in Miami; John Paul The Great Catholic University in Escondido, California; Manhattan College in the Bronx, New York; Loyola University in New Orleans; DePaul University in Chicago; University of Portland in Portland, Oregon; Fordham University in New York; Canisius University in Buffalo, New York; Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois; and Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.

“What exceptional news,” said Trinity President Patricia McGuire, who had been an editor at the original Trinity Times when she was an undergraduate student at the school. “What fantastic achievements.”

A recognition event for the award winners is being planned for some time in the beginning of the fall semester, McGuire told Trinity Times. 

“When Trinity built its newsroom just a short time ago, this was exactly the type of result we hoped for, although we were never so optimistic as to think it would happen so soon,” said Thomas Mostowy, dean of Trinity’s School of Professional & Graduate Studies. “These awards are not only a well-deserved recognition of the individuals who received them, but to the dedication and hard work of all Trinity’s students and faculty in our Journalism and Media Studies program. 

“It’s satisfying to know that the Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation’s generous support of the Trinity Multimedia Newsroom is already paying dividends by providing a platform for the unique perspective of Trinity’s students on current events,” Mostowy said.

The Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation awarded the university the initial grant money to build the newsroom in 2022 and subsequently gave Trinity more funding to construct a state-of-the-art studio and make other upgrades.

Trinity Times student journalists Nina Payne, Corey Best, and Janet Platt took a first-place award for Best Multimedia Package for their Sept. 5, 2023, story Trinity newsroom enters its second year with growing digital presence

Trinity Times student journalist Nina Payne, left, speaks with Washington activist Kymone Freeman at D.C.’s Legacy Sessions studio April 23, 2024. Payne was part of a team who won a first-place award from the Catholic Media Association for Best Multimedia Package. (Trinity Times photo/courtesy Legacy Sessions)

“The website, article, and video effectively presented content factually and engagingly, offering multiple perspectives,” the judges note reads in describing the Trinity newsroom multimedia story. “The variety of clips was captured and integrated seamlessly, enhancing engagement. The article’s layout was well-executed, with no distracting elements on the page. Excellent work!”

Judges’ notes were only made for first-place awards.

Trinity Times student journalist Yesica Tumax was given a first-place honor in the Environmental Journalism Award category for her Aug. 28, 2023, article Microplastics can have dangerous impact on water and humans.

“This is a carefully crafted and easily digestible piece discussing the impact of microplastics on the environment and its inhabitants,” the judges note reads. “It highlights the presence of microplastics within our bodies, consumed through food and drink, and challenges assumptions about the purity of bottled water.” 

Trinity Times student journalist Waleed Waite won a first-place award in the Best Coverage of Culture or Diversity category for his July 1, 2023, article LGBTQIA-identified students say official group at Trinity could be affirming.

“This impressive piece delves into an interesting and relevant topic, offering excellent background information and extending beyond campus policies to discuss practices of other institutions,” the judges note read.

Trinity Times student journalist Lindsay Washington won a second-place award in the Best Article on Social Justice category for her Dec. 11, 2023, story Trinity nursing program bridges the gap for immigrant students.

Trinity Times student journalist Miriam Barcenas took home a second-place award in the Best News Reporting category for her April 13, 2023, article Campus locks down for false shooter alert.

Trinity Times student journalists Kayla Higgs, Jasmine Marshall, and Johnkear Watts were given a third-place award in the Best Article about Faith on Campus category for their Nov. 13, 2023, story Christian fellowship is at the heart of Trinity’s Bible Study Group.

“I am incredibly proud to have witnessed first-hand these Trinity student journalists in action,” said Karen Gerlach, Trinity’s vice president for Student Affairs. “Their dedication and desire to get the story right is clearly evident in their recognition by the Catholic Media Association.”

In addition to the collegiate awards, Trinity’s newsroom director Chaz Muth won a first-place honor in the Catholic Media Association’s All Member Division in the Best Video – Explainer category for his Sept. 22, 2023, video for the National Catholic Reporter Why Pope Francis’ big Vatican meeting next month is so important

“What distinguishes this entry is its simple yet compelling narrative,” the judges note reads in describing Muth’s video. “The production team adeptly introduces the complex idea of why Pope Francis’s Vatican meeting is significant in just three minutes, effectively conveying its relevance to the audience. Supported by strong visuals and a clear, well-written script, the story has garnered over 5,000 views online.”


  1. Hurrah! Congratulations to all of you. Excellent work. Journalism needs you!

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